5 Fall Drafts from Shingletown Pub and Eatery

5 Fall Drafts from Shingletown Pub and Eatery

Shingletown is as much a pub as a restaurant, and our long list of Northwest drafts is a testament to our regional pride. We’ve chosen our taps with the same careful attention we did our menu, and you can count on our beverages to come from local craft brewers who use natural ingredients in innovative ways. Now that it’s Fall, we’d like to highlight a few of our offerings that pair well with this new season:

Brewery: Left Hand

Drink: Milk Stout

ABV: 6%

Brewers started experimenting with adding lactose to stouts and porters over a hundred years ago as a way to smooth out the hoppy finish in the dark English pub beer. The first lactose stout was brewed in 1907, and falsely advertised itself as providing the nutritional benefits of milk—pretty soon, English milk stouts were no longer allowed to use the word “milk” in their advertising or make any claims of nutrients, but the style of beer remained popular for its sweet, creamy flavor reminiscent of burnt sugar or caramel. Left Hand Brewing in Longmont, Colorado, are one of a wave of American microbreweries to revive the Milk Stout in recent years. Left Hand’s Milk Stout is silky in texture, with a mellow, malty, chocolate flavor and just a whiff of hops.

Brewery: Bad Jimmy’s Brewing

Drink: Blood Orange Honey Wheat

ABV: 6.7%

We love Bad Jimmy’s, our Ballard (well, more like Frelard) neighbor and cherished new renegade brewery. Started by a group of five friends and home brewers, Bad Jimmy’s has a small, unique tasting room that’s dog friendly and BYO-food, with highly experimental beers (like a Habanero Amber). If you’re a fan of Blue Moon, you need to try their Blood Orange Honey Wheat, a light Belgian-style beer with a fruity taste that’s perfect for harvest season.

Brewery: BeeHaven

Drink: Lavendar Berry Mead

ABV: 6%

BeeHaven is a Seattle company that makes the mother of all fermented drinks: mead. Mead predates beer, wine, alcohol, cider, and maybe even agriculture itself, and spans cultures from Europe to Asia to Africa. Often called “honey wine,” meads are made from fermenting honey in water, sometimes with various fruits. BeeHaven’s Lavender Berry Mead combines the end-of-season bounty of sweet fruits and hand-harvested Seattle honey. Effervescent and quite sweet, this drink is a perfect after-dinner sipper.

Brewery: Stoup Brewing

Drink: NW Red Ale

ABV: 5.5%

Nothing’s more autumnal than a red ale. Come into Shingletown for a beer that matches the leaves, and try Stoup Brewing’s NW Red Ale! This beer is very well balanced, taking its hue from roasted barely, and combines restrained malt sweetness with a hint of chocolate. Stoup was founded by a couple scientists-cum-beer connoisseurs, and their main drive is precision and experimentation to achieve the perfect pint. Stoup is also another Ballard brewery, and we’ll never get tired of repping our neighborhood’s incredible brewers!

Brewery: 2 Towns Ciderhouse

Drink: Ginga Ninja Cider

ABV: 6%

It definitely wasn’t easy to pick one of 2 Towns’ incredible ciders from their long line-up of delicious, distinctive, hand-crafted and locally-sourced ciders, but we think you’ll love what we settled on. The Ginga Nija cider from 2 Towns in Corvallis, Oregon is made from apples grown at the banks of the Willamette River by three friends immersed in the world of all-natural cider craft. The Ginja Ninja is bright and crisp, made with no added sugar, and you’ll taste love the spiciness of the raw ginger root that will warm you up from head to toe.

For these five delicious drafts and more, come into Shingletown Pub and Eatery, where our local, artisanal menu is perfect for drinking, dining, or both!