Ballard Seafood Festival at Shingletown

Ballard Seafood Festival at Shingletown

Two of the things that make us proudest are our connection to Ballard’s historic identity and our locally-sourced, meticulously-crafted menu. Imagine how excited we are for Ballard Seafood Festival, where those two passions meet!

The Ballard Seafood Festival has been a cherished neighborhood event since 1974 when it began as a way to celebrate the fishing industry and Nordic roots of Ballard. It’s since grown to a two-day festival that includes not only seafood, but music, crafts, artisanal wares, beer and dancing.

Our Seafood Fest Menu

We’re seizing the occasion of the Ballard Seafood Festival to present a few very special dishes just for the weekend. During the festival, we’ll be serving:

  • Duo of Calamari: Squid marinated in a sauce of cream, turmeric, and thyme is lightly fried and served in a cold herb salad with roasted garlic aioli. Our grown-up version of this bar food classic!
  • Smoke Butter Poached Shrimp Ceviche: We take colossal white tiger prawns, poach them in butter with garlic and lime, and then smoke them Washington Applewood style. You’ll love this Pacific Northwest take on a Latin American staple. Served with cucumber, red onion, jalapeno, garlic, and cilantro in a mezcal and lime vinaigrette–keeping it fresh on a hot July day!
  • Blue Crab Mac N Cheese: This is a dish the kids will love and the grownups will long for. We bake a mac n cheese with our house cheese sauce and blue crab claw meat, flavored with spring onions and a herb crouton dust.
  • Belgian Beer and Mediterranean Mussels: A seaman’s delight: mussels cooked in silver city chardonnay barrel aged tripel ale, smothered in butter and seasoned with spring onion. This is  a dish that will have you singing shanties in praise.
  • Smoked Sea Scallops with Grilled Corn Puree: Scallops are one of the most tender, succulent meats the ocean provides, and if you love scallops you need to try them smoked, served with maple chips and our corn puree, and alongside a whiskey-compressed watermelon salad. This dish is the best of both the underwater and terrestrial worlds, don’t miss it!

Come into Shingletown the weekend of Ballard Seafood Festival, July 9-10, for all these and more! And if you’re not hungry but feeling overheated from a day roaming the Ballard streets and enjoying the festivities, come into Shingletown for an ice cold cocktail or a refreshing glass of craft beer.